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Glosterstarts free online VoIP course for SMEs

In an attempt to spread the word about IP telephony, still of a very low penetration in Hungary, Gloster Telekom and Cisco Hungary launch a series of courses for system operators at SMEs.

Although IP telephony has been around for more than six years, small or medium size companies in Hungary still have very few sources of information if interested in switching to this technology. Compared to a penetration of 42% in the US and the EU countries alike in 2009, Hungary only has about 4% of the SMEs actively using an IP-based telecommunication system, according to BellResearch.

Technology leader Cisco and service provider Gloster Telekom therefore decided to launch their new online courses on the topic this autumn, with the aim to inform the IT specialists about the cost-saving and enhanced effectiveness that can be reached by using VoIP.

"While the cost-saving can be seen instantly, the increasing effectiveness takes a longer time to be visible. Overall, the return on such an investment can be expected in two-three years' time," Viktor Szekeres of Gloster Telekom told the BBJ. Switching to IP-telephony is feasible when at least 15 employees are connected, Szekeres added. (BBJ)