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Globus products need no GMO labeling

Canned food company Globus Rt said yesterday that tests by the National Food and Nutrition Institute had not found levels of genetically modified organisms (GMO) requiring special labeling in any of its products made in 2004-2006.

The law requires food containing more than 0.9% of GMO to be clearly labeled as such. Globus decided to submit the products for testing after environmental organization Greenpeace said at the end of March it had found products made by Globus as well as other food companies on the shelves of Hungarian supermarkets that contained more than 0.9% GMO, but were not correctly labeled.
Globus noted that the meat products Greenpeace had tested did contain more than 0.9% of GMO, but these were made and sold by the company in 2003, before the current stricter rules on GMO content came into force in March 2004.