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GHV fines Csányi, Leisztinger companies

Hungary's Competition Office (GVH) said it fined companies held by banker and food industry magnate Sándor Csányi and Forrás holding company owner Tamás Leisztinger a combined HUF 27 million for failing to request approval for acquisitions.

GVH fined Bonitas 2002, owned by Csányi, HUF 17 million for failing to request approval for the acquisition of a 50% stake in feed company Tendre in 2007. The other 50% of Tendre is held by Forrás. GVH also said it issued approval for the transaction retroactively. GVH said it fined Tendre HUF 10 million for failing to ask GVH's approval after agreeing to buy property and other assets, including brands, from poultry company Bábolna in 2008.

Daily Népszabadság reported in April that GVH would fine Bonitas and Tendre for the failures to request approval. Bonitas said it disputed the decision and initiated a procedure at court, noting that GVH did not give a clear answer to Bonitas when asked whether the deal required approval prior the transaction. (MTI – Econews)