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German contractor at Nokia’s Romanian investment

German construction company Goldbeck will realize Nokia’s factory in Cluj.

The manufacture is to replace the Bochum production site closed by Nokia, so the loss of that profit will apparently bring profit to another German enterprise. Also based close to Bochum, Goldbeck sent away the Romanian construction staff, and workers from Slovakia, Poland, and Hungary will continue the project. Production is supposed to start in Cluj Napoca in the Q1. Realized through a €60 million ($88.6 million) investment, this manufacture will partially replace the Bochum unit. Other sites to take over the production include Komárom (Hungary) and Salo (Finland). Running most of its production in low-cost countries, Finnish phone manufacture Nokia increased its net profit by 67% to €7.2 billion ($10.6 billion) last year, while its revenue grew by 24% to €51.1 billion. (Gazdasági Rádió)