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GE to create 100 jobs in Hungary

General Electric's transfer of membrane production to Hungary will create another hundred jobs at its plant in the southeast of the country by the end of 2010, GE told MTI on Monday.

GE said earlier it would move production of ZeeWeed membranes, which filter bacteria and other contaminants from water and wastewater, from its Canadian unit Zenon, which it acquired in 2006, to the Hungarian city of Oroszlány.

The plant in Oroszlány which now has a staff of 500, was completed at a cost of HUF 4 billion at the end of 2006.

GE's units in Hungary had turnover of HUF 667 billion in 2008. Almost all revenue came from exports. GE was Hungary's third-biggest exporter and seventh-largest employer in 2008. (MTI-ECONEWS)