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Future of NABI could depend on LA bus tender

If Hungarian busmaker NABI does not win a tender to deliver buses to the city of Los Angeles, it could be forced to shut down its plant in Kaposvár (SW Hungary), regional daily Somogyi Hírlap said on Friday.

NABI managing director Ferenc Baranyai said the company has a 50-50 chance of winning the tender which is in July.

NABI will make its last bus for a big US order in June.

If an American business partner who earlier cancelled an order from NABI has a change of mind, the company could get an order for more than 500 buses, he said. If this does not happen, the plant could continue to make buses for the domestic market but at reduced capacity, he added.

The Budapest Public Transport Company (BKV) needs to replace 200 buses in the next five years, and long distance bus company Volán needs to replace 1,100-1,200 vehicles over three years, Baranyai told the paper.

NABI has capacity to make 150 buses a year.