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Foreign car sales rising rapidly in Russia

Foreign car sales grew 74% to 125,210 cars in Russia in the Q1 of 2007, the automobile manufacturers committee of the Association of European Business in the Russian Federation said in a statement.

In March 2007, foreign car sales rose 65%, or by 50,419 units, compared to the same month a year earlier. Experts attribute the steady increase in sales of cars of foreign brands to rising personal incomes and expanding sales in the regions that is to say excluding Moscow and St. Petersburg. Broadening possibilities in connection with consumer credit are also an important factor prompting consistent growth in foreign car sales.
The most popular foreign car brand on the Russian market in January-March 2007 was Ford, with sales of 39,071 cars. Chevrolet was in second place with 36,735 cars sold (including GM-Avtovaz results), and Toyota came in third with sales of 29,368 cars. (