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Ford sales in Hungary increase 12% in 2006

US car maker Ford sold 23,453 vehicles in Hungary in 2006, 12.31% more than in 2005, the company said on Sunday.

Ford boosted its market share by 2.15 percentage points to 11.5% in 2006, making it the second-biggest car importer in Hungary. Ford increased its sales and market share in spite of an estimated 8.7% contraction of the market as a whole. Ford sold 19,214 passenger cars in 2006, 10.1% more than in 2005. Sales of Ford's five light commercial vehicle models, however, rose betwen 15% and 70%. Viktor Molnár, who is in charge of Ford sales in Hungary and Slovenia, said Ford would continue to aim to maintain its market share despite a contracting market. (Mti-Eco)