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Food industry players sign code of ethics

  Hungarian farmers, food processors and food sellers on Thursday signed a code of ethics that will raise the percentage of Hungarian-made products on supermarket shelves to 80% from July 1.

The code of ethics was drawn up after several months of negotiations, farm minister József Gráf said.

A supervisory board will be established to ensure industry players follow the code. The board will assess any complaints at the end of the year and decide whether or not the code should remain in place.

If it does not remain in force, the farm ministry will take steps to introduce regulations that would replace the code, Gráf said, adding that he hoped it would not come to this.

Prices may rise because of the bigger proportion of Hungarian products on the shelves, but it is well worth it to the consumer from the viewpoint of quality, Gráf said. (MTI-Econews)