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Fontane ACM opens cable plant in Poland

ACE Poland, part of the Fontane ACM Group, has expanded its manufacturing facility in Bialogard, northwest Poland, business site reported. Production is scheduled to begin in April. “The automated production of large quantities of cables and cable assemblies, i.e. from 100,000 upwards, still has a place in Germany”, said Maro Voelkner, Sales and Marketing Director of Fontane ACM Group. “In contrast, the manual production of small and medium series is no longer economically viable in Germany and is increasingly outsourced.” The new facility in Poland is a direct response to this outsourcing need. A company has already outsourced the entire production of 60-70 cable-series to the new Polish facility. Fontane ACM is founded by Hartmut Voelkner in the late 1970s in Hong Kong.