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Fly Balaton inaugurates Ft 2 billion passenger terminal

Cape Calir Aviation, a joint Irish-Hungarian venture, inaugurated Fly Balaton Airport's new Ft 2 billion passenger terminal on Wednesday.

Cape Calir Aviation expects the airport, located in Sármellék, near Lake Balaton, to attract 80,000 passengers in 2006, then 100,000 in 2007, CEO Ágoston Gubicza said at the ceremony. The airport is capable of taking an annual 300,000 passengers. While the airport aims to attract tourists at the start, in the near future, Cape Calir Aviation plans to build a cargo terminal at the airport, further developing the region's role as a logistics base, Gubicza said. Brendan Smith, Ireland's farming minister, also present at the ceremony, said he was sure the airport would do much for the region's development, and noted that Irish money had found a good investment in the venture.