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Farmers harvest 9 mln tons of maize in 2005

Hungarian farmers have harvested 7.3 million tons of cereals and 9 million tons of maize this year, undersecretary at the Agriculture Ministry Fülöp Benedek announced on Friday after a meeting of the Harvest Coordination Committee. The grain harvest, including both cereals and maize, comes to 16.3 million tons, more than last year's 16 million tons and well over 2003's harvest of 9 million tons. Benedek said maize has been harvested on 96% of the 1.2 million hectares it is planted. Average yield was 7.7 tons per acre.
1.3 million tons of grain had been exported since July, and traders expect to export a further 200,000 tons before the end of the year. At the start of next year, the ministry expects 300,000 tons of maize to be exported. Of this year's total grain crop, the ministry expects 2 million tons to be exported.