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Farm minister to discuss food safety with supermarket chains

Farm minister József Gráf announced on Monday plans to meet representatives of large supermarket chains to discuss the food safety issues raised by the recent sell-by-date fraud.

Gráf said he would initiate talks before the end of this week and planned to ask the supermarkets not to trade in products purchased from dubious suppliers. The responsibilities of the supermarkets in connection with the sell-by date fraud would also be discussed during the talks, Gráf said. The minister promised firm action, noting that it went beyond a plain scam and represented criminal activity. The ministry plans to continue its efforts started a year and a half ago to stabilize food safety in Hungary, he added.
Food safety officials revealed early last week over 100 tons of goods, consisting of about 400 different commodities, examined in warehouses were found to have had their packaging and accompanying documents manipulated. An investigation revealed that most supermarket chains had purchased goods from the M.E.G.A. Trade group between October 1 and November 30.