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Fake virus alert on Facebook

A new fright is seen to revival among Facebook users. The alert itself is fake, but consequently, it could easily result in a real virus infection, Panda Security warns.

In the last two days, a countless number of Facebook users forwarded an alert about a new virus. It read „Having slow connection to Facebook recently? Go to Settings/Application settings in the menu and select „added to your profile.” If you see something called „unnamed app,” delete it immediately because it is a spyware. I have checked it and found it, too.”

Panda’s expert, however, warn that the alert itself is fake, but if someone takes it seriously can easily get to a real virus.

“The ‘unnamed app’ is not a virus, but a proper Facebook application that is responsible to show ‘boxes tab’says Zsolt Sándor, Hungarian director of Panda Security. “It is totally natural to have it in the menu and means absolutely no threat.”

The alert, however, has some really dangerous consequences: if somebody starts to google for „Facebook unnamed app” keywords, will easily find infected pages among the first few and therefore get real viruses when checking them out.

“Unfortunately, this is a very ingenious way of attack,” Sándor added. “The creators of the virus started to spread a rumor in the system, then created some pages that are highly ranked in the search engines and are infected. Quite bizarre to cry wolf and when things get chaotic, to bring in a real wolf.“ (BBJ Online)