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European Commission supports HUF 42 billion M43 road to border

The European Commission will support the construction of the M43 road between Szeged and Mako, near Hungary's border with Romania, with HUF 42 billion, state secretary at the National Development and Economy Ministry László Varjú said.

The 7.6-kilometer road will have five roundabouts and one bridge spanning the Tisza River.

Hungarian state co-financing for the project will come to 10% of its total cost.

The project is the 14th big, EU-supported investment project which was approved by the European Commission, Varjú said. Together the approved projects are worth HUF 750 billion, including HUF 500 billion in EU development funding.

Hungary has submitted a total of 29 big projects for approval to Brussels, Varjú said. (MTI-Econews)