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Euromonitor International launches ‘Passport’

Euromonitor International today announced the launch of Passport, its new industry information system designed to support multinational organizations with strategic decision making.

Passport brings together - for the first time - all Euromonitor International’s intelligence on industries, countries and consumers in one easy to use system, to provide the world’s leading companies with a complete picture of their commercial landscape.

Setting a new standard for global market analysis
“Through Passport, we have made our industry research even more powerful by setting it in the context of the wider macro operating environment”, comments David Gudgin, Marketing Director at Euromonitor International. “We have created a system that allows companies to understand not just their position within their industry, but also the key factors influencing their country and business environments and the consumer trends that are driving industry changes.

Passport is exactly what our clients have been asking for and represents a new standard in global market analysis.” By providing Euromonitor International’s full-depth of intelligence on industries, countries and consumers in just one information system, Passport also offers companies a faster and more effective solution to their information needs. “To make information visible and quick to find, we have designed Passport to be intuitive”, explains Euromonitor’s David Gudgin.

“For example, all related intelligence on a topic, such as the beer market in China, is shown on the same viewing page, with Passport highlighting not only industry data and reports but also analysis on changing consumer lifestyles in China and future demographics statistics, all of which will affect China’s beer industry now and in the long-term.”

A tailor-made business information solution
Passport is a tailored-made information solution, which can be matched to a company’s industry and country requirements. Clients can subscribe, for example, to in-depth information on just one industry or on multiple industries.The full Passport system contains 115 million internationally comparable industry, country and consumer statistics, future-focused analysis from a global, regional, country and company perspective, daily insightful comment from Euromonitor’s analysts and RealTime News, Euromonitor’s online industry news monitoring service.

Companies who subscribe to Passport are assigned a dedicated Account Manager to help them get full value from the system and use it with confidence. Many of Euromonitor’s Account Managers are industry experts, with a strong background in research and an established reputation within the industries they specialise in, making them well-placed to answer client questions and discuss Euromonitor’s latest research findings.