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Euromoney upgrade for Hungary

The general country risk ranking of Hungary has improved based on the list compiled by the London economic journal Euromoney.

In the half-yearly list of 185 countries Hungary ranks 43rd following last year’s 41st place. Slovenia has maintained its best position of 25th among the Eastern European states. The global risk list is topped by Luxembourg recording 99.88 points out of the total 100. Norway, Switzerland and Denmark continue the list. Afghanistan closed at the 185th place with 5.45 points having swapped positions with North Korea. Hungary now has 69.04 points following 69.08 last March and 68.93 last September in the general risk category. Hungary’s political risk index gained 0.09 points to reach 18.12. In the general economic performance category Hungary was given only 8.68 points out of the possible 25 after 10.47 points in September. (Napi Gazdaság)