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Euro Puppy is on a roll - Euro Puppy offers higher quality, more value than ever

Euro Puppy is the market leader, number one puppy finder in the world. Euro Puppy recently launched a Worldwide Lifetime Guarantee. Euro Puppy accepts Google Checkout payments. Euro Puppy ships to places where nobody else is able to.

Euro Puppy, the premier resource for purebred puppies and dogs from reputable breeders of champion lines, has never been one to sit back on its laurels & watch things pass by. This is especially so of late with notable improvements & even a little surprise in store for many past customers & new alike.

The most notable improvement is the recently launched Worldwide Lifetime Guarantee. This came about to give peace of mind to their valued customers, along with the gained confidence in the health of their furry friends that travel to all corners of the globe. After all, EP dogs come from some of the best champion/working lines Europe can offer. The guarantee itself is comprehensive & the best on the market.

You should check it out for yourself! Have you heard of Google Checkout? This is another huge improvement that allows the customer to do a secure, quick & easy on-line payment via credit card in minutes. Gone are the days of slow international bank wire unless the customer insists on it, or the only way possible. GC has been in operation for a month & thus far worked like a charm for all.

EP is spreading its wings further & further it seems with recently having some real highlights including a gorgeous breeding pair of French Bulldogs to Kenya, a Neo Mastiff to Ghana, a first for us to the UK with its very strict live animal quarantine requirements, several rare & highly sought after Norwich Terriers to the US, another Tibetan Mastiff to Hong Kong (the 3rd Marleen has purchased from us as she swears they are the best in China!), plus a Mini Schnauzer to Qatar in the middle East….

A big pat on the back should go to the shipping coordinator, Tibor. He really does do such a fine and professional job to insure such smooth arrivals. Many say Euro Puppy is the best contact for a K9 in the world with a user friendly website, quality of service & most importantly, canines offered. EP does not want to settle for anything less than this due to the years of experience & constant striving for perfection. With Sándor Fagyal at the helm & a good team behind him, EP is certainly on a roll. (