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€200m investment to raise capacity of Dunamenti power plant by 10%

A new turbine and generator, built in the G3 block of Hungarian gas-fuelled power plant Dunamenti Erőmű last week, will increase the capacity of the block from 215MW to 400 MW. The €200 million project, which will be operational next year, will boost the power plant's full capacity by 10% to 1,920MW, CEO Péter Csiba told MTI.

Dunamenti Erőmű, part of the French group Gaz de France, started the development in 2008. The generator and the turbine were supplied by Ansaldo of Italy.

The trial run of the block will start by the end of this year. Commercial operation is expected to start in the middle of 2011.

The efficiency rate of the G3 block will improve from 37% to 57% as a result of the development.

Dunamenti Erőmű had moderate profit last year, Csiba said. The plant produced 2 terawatt-hours of electricity and, including power trading activities, sold a total of 2.6 terawatt-hours in 2009.

A similar-size project, the G4-project under preparation, is still awaiting a final decision, Csiba said. The power plant had acquired the necessary licenses, but current prices do not favor the investment. A final decision by the owner is not expected before 2011.

Dunamenti Erőmű is Hungary's biggest gas-fuelled power plant with a power capacity of 1,736MW and heat capacity of 1,000MW, or almost one-fifth of the country's built-in capacity. With its regulating capacity, the power plant also has a strategic role in the security of power supply. It provided almost one third of system-level services last year. (MTI-Econews)