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EU may propose new rules to help boost online content sales

European Union regulators may propose new rules aimed at helping film, music and video game producers sell their products online.

The European Commission said in a study today that divergent national rules on technology to protect digital downloads from piracy may harm the content industry's development. New rules that would harmonize national measures may be needed, the EU said. „As the market matures, evolving business practices will remove some obstacles but others may require measures from industry and EU legislation to provide legal certainty for consumers, content providers and the hardware industry,” the commission, the EU's executive arm, said in a statement today. The commission said that so-called digital rights management technology, which protects music, movies and video games from illegal downloads, „may hinder digital content services and devices in the long term.” The global market for video-game consoles and software was worth about €36 billion ($46.8 billion) last year, according to technology-markets researcher Idate. (Bloomberg)