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Esztergom spa in hot water due to unpaid bills

Energy supplier Dalkia Energia Zrt announced today that it is pulling the plug on supplying hot water and heating services to Aquasziget spa complex in Esztergom, citing unpaid bills totalling HUF 70 million.

In its press release, Dalkia noted that the outstanding bills owed to the company have been mounting for several years. In addition, it claims that Esztergom municipality abruptly changed the operator of the spa in June, while Dalkia did not receive any advance notice about this and maintains its contract with the spa's previous operator.

The company consulted with the city for months to work out a payment structure plan, yet afterwards the spa operator was not able to uphold its part of the agreement, said Andrea Asztalos, Dalkia's communication director.

Asztalos stressed that if Esztergom satisfies its outstanding debts with the company, Dalkia will resume its service to the spa.

The municipality of Esztergom is under severe financial stress due to the accumulation of huge debts of HUF 20 billion in recent years.