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Ericsson to support Budapest districts with its knowledge base

Ericsson Magyarország has offered its voluntary participation in nonprofit projects of Budapest’s districts 9 and 11, such as improving elderly people’s digital writing skills, said Ericsson Magyarország deputy-CEO Roland Jakab at a press conference.

Ericsson Magyarország made more than 400 new hires over the past three years, bringing headcount over 1,500, he said. This year, the company plans to add another 150 positions at its research and development center.

More than 1,100 people work at Ericsson's R&D base in Budapest. More than a hundred of the researchers and engineers there have science degrees.

About 40% of all mobile telephones in the world are made using Ericsson infrastructure, and the work of Hungarian developers is in this, Jakab said.

Ericsson Magyarorszag puts about 15% of its revenue into R&D, deputy-CEO in charge of R+D Sinisa Krajnovic said, answering a question by MTI. Worldwide, Ericsson employs about 20,000 people in R&D, he added.

Ericsson Magyarország's revenue rose 4.3% to HUF 41.3 billion in 2010.