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Ericsson Hungary to hire 200 more staff by mid-2008

The Hungarian unit of Ericsson, will hire 200 workers by mid-2008, raising its number of staff to 1,000, outgoing CEO of the unit Steffan Pehrson told a press conference in Budapest on Friday.

The Hungarian unit of Ericsson, the world's leading maker of wireless telecommunications equipment will have about 750 research staff by the end of 2007, chairman István Fodor said. The number of staff in services will rise from 170 to 250 during the same period, he added. Ericsson Hungary spends about Ft 10 billion a year on innovation, Fodor said. The company controls 70% of Hungary's market for GSM and second-generation mobile services infrastructure, and it is the only company in Hungary to have built a third-generation wireless network. Worldwide, Ericsson has built 30 of the 67 operating 3G networks, Pehrson said. Gábor Ery, Ericsson Hungary's new CEO, said the company aims to achieve a bigger share of the landline and mobile broadband internet market. He declined to reveal the company's turnover, but said services generate about 30%. (Mti-Eco)