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Equilor plans on further expansion

Hungarian investment services firm Equilor, which has been operating in Hungary for more than twenty years, announced on January 27 that it decided on expanding its activities, following the dynamic growth of the firm in recent years. Equilor still considers the Hungarian capital market a key to their growth, but they are aiming at international presence in the next few years, the company said in a press release. Equilor will offer new services to international institutions and also to Hungarian private investors. The development of the capital market in the country remains a strategic goal, and the support for stock and bond releases is of vital importance. Equilor is currently participating in the preparations of several IPOs, managing director András Gereben said.

The independent investment services firm predicts a stabilization of the Hungarian market for 2011, with a possible upturn in the country’s capital and financial market if the positive mood for international investments is sustained. (DK)