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Eissmann Automotive inaugurates HUF 1.5bn production hall

German-owned automotive industry supplier Eissmann Automotive Hungaria on Friday inaugurated a HUF 1.5bn production hall at its base in Nyiregyhaza.

The company won a HUF 283m European Union grant for the almost 12,000sqm production hall.

Owner Jurgen Eissmann said the unit had become Eissmann’s biggest subsidiary, producing 30,000 units a day.

Eissmann Automotive Hungaria has been in Nyiregyhaza since 1997. At present, 430 people work at its base there, but the company has committed to hiring another 117.

Revenue of the unit is set to rise over HUF 16bn in 2012 from HUF 12bn in 2010 and HUF 4bn in 2009.