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Egis awarded 2011 Hungarian Innovation Prize

Drugmaker Egis was awarded the 2011 Hungarian Innovation Prize in Parliament on Friday for its antithrombotic Egitromb.

The Hungarian Innovation Foundation invited applications for the prize for the 20th time last year.

Egis introduced Egitromb in 17 countries in 2009. Sales of the drug generated HUF 3.6 billion for the company by the end of 2011.

Sale of the drug in Hungary came to HUF 993 million during the period. The National Health Insurance Fund saved HUF 478 million on the sales compared to alternative drugs.

The National Economy Ministry awarded the 2011 Industrial Innovation Prize to Meta-MPI for its Metapay Festival Card.

The Rural Development Ministry's Environmental Protection Innovation Prize and the Industrial Development Foundation's Organizational Innovation Prize went to sewage treatment company Budapesti Szennyvíztisztítási.

The Rural Development Ministry presented the Agriculture Innovation Prize to Agro Legato for a milking system.

The National Intellectual Property Office's 2011 Innovation prize went to Femtonics for development of two-photon two- and three-dimensional microscope technology.

The Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Trade's 2011 Innovation Prize went to chemicals company TVK for a polypropylene product.