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EC outlines anti-terrorism strategy

The European Commission today outlined the most important elements in its counter-terrorism strategy, laying the foundation for a broader Internal Security Strategy, which is planned for this autumn.

“Thankfully, the overall number of terrorist attacks and arrests is decreasing in the EU, but at the same time terrorist methods and terrorist propaganda are evolving and taking new forms,” Cecilia Malmström, EU Commissioner for Home Affairs said in a press release. “We must make sure that we are able to meet these new threats.”

The commission listed some of the achievements from previous years such as its amended framework on combating terrorism from 2008, in which it concentrates on how terrorists use the internet for communication, fund raising, communication, training and propaganda. The commission will now step up actions within this field.

Two other achievements from the past two years are the EU action plan for minimizing the risk of terrorist attacks with explosives, and the EU action plan on chemical, biological or radiological/nuclear (CBRN) materials in the areas of prevention, detection, and response.

In addition, the EU will continue to cooperate with external partners, especially with the United States, and with EU agencies such as the Europol and Eurojust. (BBJ)