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E-commerce: CDs burn out

Electronic devices are the hottest sellers online, with mobile phones and PDAs the most popular items. CDs, DVDs, and MP3 players are at the bottom of the list, and navigation systems and tablet PCs account for only a fraction of all online sales.

Online shoppers are buying fewer CDs and DVDs, but sales of mobile phones and PDAs are on the rise, the E-Shopping Electronics Report published recently by KutatóCentrum reveals.

E-shoppers remain fond of electronic devices – nearly half of them bought some sort of gadget in the last 12 months via the internet. The trend seems to be continuing from last year, but due to the rapid increase in the number of online shoppers, this means a larger group of people now.

The report also indicates that the popularity of electronic goods will not fade any time soon: more than half of the respondents planning online transactions in the next year said they would purchase such a product. Electronics have outpaced the categories of books and clothing: 42% and 32%, respectively, said they planned to buy such products during the next 12 months.

Within the category of electronics, there have been notable changes in sales figures from last year, with the largest drop seen in online sales of CDs and DVDs.

“The reason is probably the increasingly popular trend of listening to music online and downloading music and films. Also, with the appearance of large-capacity portable memory devices, optical storage devices have become outdated,” said Anna Győrfi, research project manager of KutatóCentrum.

The most popular electronics articles in e-commerce are phones and PDAs (31% of all sales), while computers and computer parts account for 29% of all sales. In third place are household appliances with 24%.

Portable music players have also lost their appeal: while last year 20% of those queried said they bought MP3, MP4 or MP5 players, this year only 13% of online shoppers sought out such products. Győrfi attributes this to the increasing popularity of smartphones.

As for what the most sought-after articles are within various product groups, the study found that routers and hard disks top the list when shopping for computer parts, and washing and drying machines, fridges and microwaves were the most popular products within all household appliances. PF