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Drug stocks damaged at Roche warehouse fire in Hungary

A fire at Roche's warehouse in Törökbalint, near Budapest, on Thursday damaged all of the medicines stored there, the Swiss-owned drug maker told MTI on Friday.

Damages are being assessed, Roche (Hungary) said. Smoke from the fire did not cause any environmental damage, it added.

Roche (Hungary) has enough drugs stocked elsewhere to supply distributors for about two weeks. To prevent shortages, the unit is in contact with the parent company's headquarters in Basel as well as with units in neighbouring countries.

Roche (Hungary) will do everything in its power to see patients' supply of drugs is not interrupted and to minimise damages, the company said.

Fire broke out at the warehouse around 6pm on Thursday. Nobody was in the warehouse at the time.

Firefighters extinguished the blaze which started in a refrigeration unit. The cause of the fire is being investigated.