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Drinking a pledge to diagnostic surgery

When up-and-coming tech and architect innovators gather in one place, strange things can happen: you can find yourself learning about invitational tenders, digitally aided oncosurgery and magnetic tape digitalization, and even saying a pledge to them with a beer.

“This dog in the picture is having his third surgery. It was time to help his surgeon finding out the exact extensions of his tumor,” illustrates Júlia Balog, representative of Medimass the new possibilities her company is exploring by building a digital database of biological tissue characteristics. This revolutionary platform allows pathologists and surgeons to access molecular information about the tissues during operation, with the help of a smart device that analysis the smoke of the cut organ. At the same time, their innovation is also to be a relief for the patients - humans as well as animals.

Medimass’s presentation was one of the ten selected projects that were introduced on stage at the joint third birthday party of Budapest New Technology Meetup, the largest Budapest tech community, and Pecha Kucha, the event series held for the architects. The two events both have strict rules. Tech presenters, jjust like at all their regular monthly meetings, get 5 minutes each to show and comment their slides, then another five minutes to answer questions from the audience. Meanwhile, architects are limiting the number of slides to 20 and showing every one of them for 20 seconds - no Q&A this time.

But all those left with questions to answer, can discuss them with the presenters alongside a beer or other drink. The essence of the events, namely the madcap party, comes as a natural follow-up to the speedy presentations of the new generation of innovators. (BBJ Online)