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Downtown Sopron to be renewed with EU funding

Sopron’s historic downtown will be renewed over the next two years with the help of EU Funding amounting to 600 million HUF, the National Development Agency (NFÜ) said in a press release.

The project targeting the renewal of the historic downtown of Sopron reached contracting stage. The citizens of Sopron envisage strengthening the cultural, as well as the economic and commercial functions of the downtown area by autumn 2011 within the framework of this investment. The total budget of HUF 1.078 billion is to be implemented with the help of EU funding to amount to 600 million HUF.

Urban rehabilitation programs play a key role in the use of EU development funding. A total of HUF 24.5 billion was allocated for urban rehabilitation programs within the framework of the 2004-2006 National Development Plan. During the 2007-2010-period alone, 8 times this amount, nearly HUF 200 billion can be invested in the renewal of settlements in various regions within the framework of the New Hungary Development Plan.

So far 196 applicants approved funding have been granted HUF 9.2 billion; regional calls allocated a framework of HUF 10 billion were announced in the same theme in summer.