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Dow Chemical looks to sign lucrative deals at St. Petersburg Forum

Dow Chemical hopes to sign new long-term contracts at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, said Andrew Liveris, chairman and CEO of the Dow Chemical Company.

The forum will take place in Russia on June 6-8, 2008. “Through the St. Petersburg forum and our engagement in key groups like the CEO Dialogue and the Russian PNTR business coalition, Dow is committed to supporting an open progressive climate both in the United States and Russia. We look forward to strengthening our many existing relationships – and forming new ones – with some of the country’s leading business and political leaders,” Liveris told RIA Novosti. He promised to make a constructive contribution to the discussion on energy issues with specific business plans and proposals. “Russia is one of Dow’s strategic growth areas and we look forward to taking an ever-more active role to support the country’s world-leading, sustainable petrochemical industry to serve customers in Russia, in Europe and into the global economy,” Liveris said.

Dow Chemical has had a long-standing engagement in Russia (starting with offices in 1974) and the memorandum of intent that it signed with Gazprom and Sibur. “Through a variety of joint-venture opportunities, we are seeking ways to combine Dow’s global sales network and cutting-edge technology platforms with Gazprom and Sibur’s vast and diversified feedstock base to develop a range of new and exciting projects across the region,” Liveris said. “Dow’s capabilities are embedded in turning energy resources into value added products, not only creating consumer options but also creating local jobs and services to create a sustainable economy,” said the head of the industrial giant whose annual sales stand at about $50 billion, with half of its products intended for petrochemical industries. The corporation is a partner of many World Bank and UN programs and initiatives. (