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Doing well by doing good

The world will be a different, more difficult place to live for the next generation. Yet sustainability still remains a phantom issue for many. Not to all, though: read about how seven businesses in Hungary are trying to change their business models to become more sustainable.

1. How has your core business changed in order to operate in a more responsible way?

2. What is the most important area in your CSR strategy?

3. How sustainable will your company be five years from now?


Sándor Lóránt Kovács

corporate development director, Dreher

- Our production is much more environmentally friendly and was recognized by various “green” awards. Even our marketing and commercial activities have become stricter. We expanded our Alcohol Responsibility Program.

- Our strategy contains 10 priorities covering environmental issues, responsible alcohol consumption, community investment and enterprise development.

- Our goal is to be an exemplary market leader in sustainable operations in the beverage sector.


Katalin Szomolányi

head of sustainability department, Magyar Telekom

- Since sustainability is now part of our product development process, socially and environmentally favorable services have been developed.

- Educating and enabling people. Only 5% know the definition of sustainable development, but it is crucial for raising awareness. That is why we launched the “hello holnap!” campaign.

- The ratio of sustainable investments will be much higher and as a result of our strategy, we will hopefully be listed on several sustainability indexes.


Mónika Czechmeister

corporate communications manager, Audi

- From the start, we have taken responsibility very seriously, because only a sustainably successful company is in the position to support society. We are committed to a wide array of social and cultural issues and to the environment.

- We are very consciously investing in technologies and in our employees. Both are crucial for the future.

- We will follow our strategy and develop our activities continuously, because sustainability is a basic element of our philosophy.


Zsuzsanna Benkó

corporate affairs manager, Tesco

- We created a “Community Plan” with “community promises”, like supporting local communities, trading products responsibly, providing healthy choices and good jobs.

- Tackling climate change. We have a carbon roadmap for the next ten years, and by 2050 we will become a zero-carbon business.

- The Hungarian business will be known for its efforts in the environmental field and the brand will reflect Tesco as a global, responsible and sustainable business with strong local strategies.


Balázs Rékassy

public affairs director, Pfizer

- We have a green office program (selective waste management, motion sensors in lightning, filtered water) and we also changed our company car fleet to less polluting models last year.

- Health and healthcare. We established an award called Egészségdíj with the aim of promoting civil initiatives related to prevention and health.

- I would like to see our Romester program expanded so we would be able to help and support more talented Roma students to study and become healthcare professionals.


Richárd Halmay

environmental manager, Telenor

- Besides our current efforts to reduce our impact on the environment, we started to develop mobile services that can contribute to reducing consumption of natural resources. Smart home and smart metering solutions are good examples.

- Environmental protection is the most important area of our CSR strategy and activities. Key priorities include fighting climate change and reducing our environmental impact.

- Further reduction of our eco-footprint, new solutions to environmental protection and helping others consume less energy.


Péter Csiba

deputy general manager, GDF Suez energia holding

- We place great emphasis on using the best technologies, like our G3 Repowering project, which minimizes CO2 emissions by improving power plant efficiency and the security of energy supply.

- GDF SUEZ contributes actively to the lives of the local communities where it operates. The company also involves employees in health, safety and environmental programs.

- For us, sustainability means satisfying energy needs with a smaller impact on the environment. In five years, we plan to increase the capacity of CO2-free generation, maybe partly in Hungary. (AF)