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Digital TV subscriptions up 19,000 in September

Hungary’s biggest digital television companies had 1,593,000 subscribers at the end of September 2011, up about 19,000 from a month earlier, the National Media and Infocommunications Authority (NMHH) said on Wednesday.

The data cover Hungary’s 14 biggest digital television service providers, which control almost 88% of the market.

The number of their digital subscribers with cable or IPTV connections rose by 13,000 to 649,000 during the month. The number with satellite connections was around 906,000.

About 3.2m Hungarian households are pay-television subscribers. About 600,000 households watch analogue, digital or satellite television content for which broadcasters do not charge.

Taking into account all services, U% was market leader at the end of August with a market share of 26.1%, followed by DIGI with 23.2% and Magyar Telekom with 21.8%.