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Denmark tops world technology in World Economic Forum poll

Denmark came out top for the first time of a worldwide study measuring the most effective use of technology in development and improving competitiveness in 122 economies. Hungary ranking 33th followed, by Czech Republic.

Sweden, Singapore and Finland were ranked second, third and fourth respectively while the US slipped from first, last year, to seventh place in the Global Information Technology Report 2006-2007, published in Geneva by the World Economic Forum, WEF. WEF economic experts said Denmark, which came third in the survey last year, had made continuous progress since 2003 and benefited from the country's excellent regulatory environment. This was coupled with clear government leadership and vision in harnessing information and communication technology, ICT, for growth.

Switzerland rose four places from ninth to fifth places this year, followed by the Netherlands, the US, Iceland, Britain, and Norway completing the top 10 rankings. „Leveraging ICT is increasingly becoming an essential instrument for countries and national stakeholders to ensure continued prosperity for their people. Nordic countries have shown how an early focus on education, innovation and promotion of ICT penetration and diffusion is a winning strategy for increased networked readiness and competitiveness,” said Irene Mia, Senior Economist at the World Economic Forum and co-editor of the report. This was the sixth report of its kind produced by the WEF, which organizes the gathering of politicians, business leaders and economic experts that meets in Davos every January.

Singapore, though down one place this year, still had an excellent regulatory and business environment, strengthened by the government's early focus on the adoption of the latest technologies said the report. It benefited from its ability to involve the private sector in a common strategy and vision for ICT readiness. The US had fallen back because of a relative deterioration in the political and regulatory framework. However, the country maintained its primacy in innovation, driven by one of the world's best university systems and its high degree of cooperation with the industry. Countries from Asia and the Pacific continue did well this year, with Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Australia and Korea occupying 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th and 19th positions respectively. India slipped four places to 44th and China fell 9 places to 59th. (