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Decree details fees for national mobile payment system

A decree published in the fresh issue of official gazette Magyar Közlöny details the fees for a national mobile payment system for parking fees, motorway vignettes and public transport tickets. The government recently approved the regulatory framework for the establishment of a state monopoly on mobile payments. Legislation allowing the establishment of a uniform National Mobile Payment System operated exclusively by a state-owned company was approved by Parliament late last year but did not come into force until May 1, 2012. The government said earlier fees charged for mobile payments would be HUF 50-100, depending on the service. According to the decree, the fee for mobile payments for parking will be set at HUF 50 per transaction. The fee for buying motorway vignettes will be HUF 80 per transaction and the fee for buying public transport tickets will be HUF 50. Fees for other services will be set at HUF 100 per transaction.