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Decision about DAM in two weeks

DAM 2004 Kft’s new owner will be named in two weeks time, after clearing all the questions about bank guarantees, financing and technical details, political daily Népszava learnt from the company’s liquidator.

According to the decision of the Labour Market Fund’s management, the 157 former workers can be employed again and therefore production in the plant can be restarted. Ratis Kft that is responsible for the liquidation process, tendered the total assets of DAM 2004 Kft worth about HUF 8.3 billion, VAT excluded. The metallurgy of Diósgyőr stopped production at the end of last year, which resulted in the start of a liquidation process during summer. The sixth liquidation was started by Keret Kft of Érd, claiming almost €10,000 from the company.