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Debrecen calls new tram tender

The city of Debrecen has called a new tender for the purchase of 18 trams, this time in euros, the latest issue of the Public Procurement Gazette reveals.

The deadline for bidding in the new tender is September 19, and the winner will be announced on September 14.

Local officials declared the previous tender - which was in forints - invalid in May as bids all exceeded the amount available for the trams because of the sharp weakening of the forint.

When the tender was called, the local council calculated with a HUF/EUR exchange rate of 248. When it cancelled the tender in early May, the forint had weakened to about 284 to the euro.

The tender was for the delivery of 18 trams worth HUF 17.6 billion, with EU funding covering 76% of the cost, the state paying for 13% and the local council putting up 10%.

The Czech Republic's Skoda, Switzerland's Stadler and Spain's CAF submitted bids in the tender. (MTI-ECONEWS)