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Dairy product sales rise in Hungary

Retail sales of fruit yoghurt, sour cream, cottage cheese and butter rose to HUF 95 billion last year, while cheese sales reached HUF 75 billion, market research company Nielsen told MTI on Thursday.

Among 90 food product categories Nielsen follows, cheese was the third biggest after processed meat and beer.

Trappist cheese accounted for 47% of cheese sales, soft cheeses sold in round boxes for 11%, cheese from the wheel for 9%, sliced cheese for 8% and cream cheese 8%.

The average price of cheese, weighted for purchase size, was HUF 1,554 per kilogram around the end of last year, up from HUF 1,406 a year earlier.

Sales of fruit yoghurt climbed 7% over HUF 30 billion in 2010. The average price of a kilogram, weighted for purchase size, was HUF 565 around the end of the year, up from HUF 528 a year earlier.

Sour cream sales rose 5% to HUF 30 billion, sales of cottage cheese climbed 7% to more than HUF 15 billion and butter sales were up 6% at HUF 12 billion.