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Czech-Slovak consortium wins Kelenföld tender

A consortium of the Czech Republic's Subterra a.s. and Slovakia's Doprastav a.s. has won a tender with a bid of HUF 26.9 billion (€98.3 million) to reconstruct a 20-kilometer section of railway from Budapest to Tárnok, the Budapest Kelenföld railway station as well as the connection between the latter and the new Metro underground line, National Infrastructure Development Company (NIF) CEO-President Kálmán Reményik announced on Tuesday.

Reményik said that five companies had submitted bids in the tender, though only those of the winning consortium and the Közgép-led KSzSK-Kelenföld Consortium had been valid. The NIF CEO-president added that the latter consortium had submitted a bid of HUF 34 billion. (MTI-ECONEWS)