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Croatia not seeking to change shareholders' agreement with MOL - INA

The Croatian government does not want to amend its shareholders' agreement with Hungarian oil and gas company MOL on their ownership in Croatia's INA, rather it wants a review of rules on INA's internal management, INA supervisory board chairman Davor Stern said in an interview published by on Friday.

MOL and the Croatian government have not disputed "any part" of the shareholders agreement, Stern said. Rather the government wants to "review the possibility of amending internal regulations that govern the activities of the management and consultative bodies at the company".

MOL holds a 47.46% stake in INA and the Croatian government owns 44.84%.

The Croatian press reported earlier that the country's government could cancel the shareholders agreement with MOL. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said on Tuesday the state of Hungary would not agree to any change in the contract between MOL and INA.

Hungary holds a 23.8% stake in MOL.