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Crisis not getting in the way of French-Hungarian businesses

The Hungarian-French Chamber of Commerce (MFKI) is aiming to mobilize the two countries’ business communities even in hard economic times. It organized a record number of meetings in 2009 and had a number of new companies joining its two CSR initiatives.

French presence in the Hungarian economy is significant: France is the fourth biggest investor in the country and the sixth biggest export and fourth biggest import market for Hungary.

One of the goals of the chamber is to invite as many French companies to Hungary as possible to facilitate growth and job creation. Most of the French presence is dated from the beginning of the 90’s. Now more than 350 companies of a French origin are making a significant presence in the country, employing 60,000 and having a total turnover of €9 billion as of 2009.

Among the strategic initiatives of the chamber is the Health Chart, signed by 50 member companies in 2008 and another 30 in 2009. Environment Chart, another initiative of 2009 was signed by 70 members. The acceptation of the two documents is the first step of a series to motivate other business players to follow the socially responsible practice of keeping their environment and workforce healthy.

Despite the crisis, the number of business meetings organized in France to present Hungarian economy and market to the French companies that are interested to invest in the country had an all time high. French chambers invited MFKI to 17 meetings in 2009, which is a 50% increase compared to the last few years. (BBJ Online)