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Country risk index only slightly lowered

  Risk index for Hungary is slightly lower than it was in the spring season, as British economic journal, Euromoney’s country risk survey still rates Hungary among the least risky, top 50 countries on the list.


After being rated 43rd and 41st on the list last autumn and this spring, Hungary is 48th on Euromoney’s latest country risk list. The best-performing EU country in the Central-European region is Slovenia, which landed 26th. Luxembourg still reigns on top of the list with 99.22 point, out of the 100, and then comes Norwegian, Switzerland and Finland.

The US, however, slipped down to the 10th place, after being 4th and 7th on the list. The ratings are broken down into components of financial factors such as currency controls, devaluation or regulatory changes, or stability factors such as mass riots, civil war and other potential events that could affect companies’ operational risks.

Hungary’s overall score was 66.3 points, out of the 100, in the general risk category. Considering the political risk, it was given 17.48 points, out of 25, which is lower than the spring results, which were 18.12. The higher the points are, the safer it is politically. General economic performance of the country was rated for 10.36, out of the 25. In the loan repayment category, we got the maximum 10 points. Concerning credit rating, Hungary was given 6.56, out of 10. (Gazdasági Rádió)