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Councils to call tender for local airport

The local councils of Pécs, Pogány and Baranya County (S Hungary) intend to invite open tender for loss-making Pécs-Pogány Airport in January, the business daily Világgazdaság reported.

The airport, which currently handles annual traffic of 2,200 aircraft and 9,500 passengers per year, would require a 600-meter extension to its currently 1,500-meter runway and an additional layer of asphalt on the airstrip in order to accommodate aircraft of the weight that most low-cost airlines operate, the newspaper noted.

CEO Gyula Ács of the company that operates the airport, Pécs-Pogányi Repülőteret Működtető Kft (PRM), told Világgazdaság that in order to become profitable, the airport would need to contract with an airline that would connect it to a major European airport such as those in Vienna, Frankfurt, Munich or Zurich.

The local councils are looking for a purchaser that would agree to invest a minimum of HUF 2.5 billion (€9.36 million) in development of the airport. (MTI – Econews)