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Conditions airport continue to improve at Ferihegy airport

More and more employees took up work at the Ferihegy Airport Wednesday morning, the operator Budapest Airport said in a press release.

Out of 299 service positions, 200 staff reported for work this morning. As a result, conditions at the airport have improved considerably. Traffic is still passing through Terminal 2B, but without significant delays.

For example, 100% of staff took up work at the technical control center, which is especially important for the operation of the airport. At other departments, there were some staff who reported for work even though it is their day off today. Consequently, we managed to open many more checkpoints than previously, through which staff working there can more easily access the security restricted area of the airport. In passenger security screening, Hungarian and Greek employees have been working together successfully since yesterday, the National Labor Inspectorate did not raise any objections against their activities during a site inspection held yesterday. The Greek airport professionals work in mixed groups, supervised by Hungarian colleagues.

Budapest Airport last night sent its ready-to-sign draft agreement to the striking trade unions, who have not yet adopted a uniform position on the document. Budapest Airport also sent the draft agreement to all employees, so that they can also familiarize themselves with the company’s offer. (press release)