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Concern grows about world safety, Gallup-WEF opinion poll says

Voters around the world are becoming less confident that their governments can deliver a safer world, according to an opinion poll taken by the Gallup International Association for the World Economic Forum.

Of the 55,000 people surveyed in 60 countries, 48% said the next generation will live in a less safe world, up from 45% last year and 30% in the previous year, the poll found. The proportion saying the world will be safer slipped to 25% from 26% last year and 19% said it would be in the same condition, down from 25%. The Geneva-based World Economic Forum holds its annual conference next week in Davos, attracting guests such as Microsoft Corp. founder Bill Gates and UK Prime Minister Tony Blair. Voters in Western Europe and the US were the most pessimistic about the outlook, the survey found. Asked what should be the priority for leaders, those polled said reducing wars, eliminating poverty, spurring growth and fighting terrorism were the main challenges. The poll was taken in November and December. (Bloomberg)