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Compromise draws closer at Ferihegy airport

Representatives of Budapest Airport (BA), the operator of the Ferihegy international airport in Budapest and the striking trade unions completed work on a draft agreement that is ready to be signed, BA said in a press release.

The agreement offers reassuring solutions to all disputed issues. If it is approved, the last obstacle to ending the now week-long strike at Ferihegy will have been removed.

The draft handed over to the trade unions, amongst other things regulates issues such as the extension of the collective bargaining agreement, which was set to expire on 10 January, the mandatory notification of staff with fixed-term contracts about their expected future and the joint formulation of new planned shifts with the trade unions. Since coordination on the text of the draft has been ongoing practically for three whole days now, and all disputed issues have been resolved, Budapest Airport believes the only acceptable conclusion - in the interests of passengers, the airlines and the company - is to sign the agreement.

CEO Jost Lammers invited the representatives of the striking trade unions for a signing session on 18 December 2008 at 10 a.m. (press release)