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Competition office fines mail-order companies

Hungary's Competition Office (GVH) said it would impose fines on mail-order companies Linea Directa, Provea SA and Edition Atlas SA as long as the companies fail to comply with an earlier GVH order to discontinue their practice of sending unsolicited items to customers that can only be returned at the latter's expense.

GVH said that it would fine Edition Atlas SA HUF 40,000 (€143) per day, Provea SA HUF 35,000 per day and Linea Directa HUF 5,000 per day until they complied fully with the organization's earlier resolution.

In July 2007, GVH fined Linea Directa and Provea SA a joint HUF 7.5 million and Linea Directa and Editions Atlas SA each HUF 3 million for limiting consumer choice. (MTI – Econews)