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Companies affected by shakedown in Germany sue Hungarian state for Ft 2.3 bln – paper

A number of companies are suing the state of Hungary for Ft 2.3 billion in damages they allege they suffered because of the state’s assistance in a shakedown by German authorities on illegal laborers in Germany, daily Népszabadság reported on Wednesday.

The shakedown, which took place in 2004 and 2005, involved about 50 Hungarian companies that organized work in Germany for more than 3,000 Hungarians. During the course of the investigation, the companies’ bank accounts were frozen and some went bust. The companies say the shakedown cost them a combined €500 million and argue Hungarian authorities should not have given their data to German officials. Several German courts have ruled that the German authorities’ actions in the shakedown were illegal. (MTI-Econews)