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Chinese-owned company wins tender for 74% stake in Airport Debrecen operator

Airport Debreceni Holding Vagyonkezelo Kft, belonging to China's Xanga group, has won the Debrecen (E Hungary) local council's tender for a 74% stake in Airport Debrecen operator Airport-Debrecen Repuloter-uzemelteto Kft with a bid of HUF 13.37m, city Deputy Maor Laszlo Papp announced on Monday.

Airport Debreceni Holding Vagyonkezelo was the only bidder for the stake.

The Debrecen local council will retain a 25%-plus-one-vote share on the long run in the Airport Debrecen operator.

The airport will be owned as before by the Debrecent city council.

Xanga Group-owned Saigo Port won an open tender to build an estimated HUF 2.5 billion cargo and logistics base at Airport Debrecen in September 2010.